Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cross Seminole Trail Tunnel

The Cross Seminole Trail is part of Florida's trail system that partly passes through Lake Mary, FL. One of the interesting features of the trail in this area is the tunnel that travels under Greenway Blvd...
Tunnel Along the Cross Seminole Trail
Approaching the tunnel
Tunnel Entrance
In the Tunnel
In the Tunnel

Here is a video taken while biking along the trail. The tunnel is about two minutes in...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lake Mary Blvd Farms...

These are a few farms along Lake Mary Blvd in Sanford, FL. Given the rate of growth in the area, they probably won't be around much longer since Lake Mary Blvd was extended through this area. Seeing melons growing or goats wandering around on these farms is a whole lot nicer to look at than housing developments...

Sanford Farm
Sanford Farm
Sanford Farm For Sale
Sanford Goat Farm

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cypress Garden's Old Garden Railroad

Cypress Gardens is an amusement park in Winter Garden, FL. The park originally opened in 1936 as a botanical garden, and expanded from there with water ski shows, various exhibits, animals, and eventually a few small rides. The park survived until 2003 when Cypress Gardens went bankrupt and closed for a while. Luckily, the park had generated enough interest to attract a buyer who rebuilt and reopened the park with some major changes. A few roller coasters along with various other rides were added. This seemed to have saved the park from closing, but some of the best parts of the old version of the park didn't make it into the updated version. One example of this was the boat ride that would float through the canals weaving through the park's botanical gardens. Another example was this great garden railroad...
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
Since the construction of this railroad uses lots of natural materials in it's structures, it leads me to believe this was built by a company called Applied Imagination. Many of their other model train layouts appear to be similar to the one Cypress Gardens had, such as this one in the New York Botanical Gardens.
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
If I remember correctly from when I took these pictures, the buildings in the garden railway are modeled after actual buildings in Florida. I believe this is supposed to be the University of Tampa with it's onion domes. Could the lighthouse be the St Augustine Lighthouse?
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens
Garden Railroad @ Cypress Gardens

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Snake

It seemed frogs weren't the only cold blooded creatures to come out after Tropical Storm Fay. I almost stepped on this small foot-long snake this afternoon as it was crossing the sidewalk in front of me. If I was able to identify this correctly, I believe it is a Corn Snake.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Downtown Ocala's Art Horses

Ocala Art Horse
The last time I was in downtown Ocala, I came across these painted horses scattered throughout the center of the city. Although it seems like most cities do an art program like this from time to time, it's still nice to support the local artists that paint whatever the themed object is.
Ocala Art Horse
Ocala Art Horse
Ocala Art Horse
It seems like the newest public art program in Central Florida is Orlando's GuitarTown...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Skydiving Shuttle...

A few days ago I posted a very unique perspective of a rocket launching (I said Space Shuttle at the time, but it may be a Delta Rocket instead) as seen from an airplane. Today I came across this video of a skydiver filming the STS-117 Atlantis launch. Not quite as high as the airplane was flying, but still very cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frogs After Fay...

As Tropical Storm Fay drenched Central Florida for hours and hours, many more frogs than usual started appearing all around thanks to all of the rain that the storm provided. This green frog found his way into a swimming pool...
Hurricane Fay Frog...
This tiny tree frog took shelter from the storm in a garage, picking up all sorts of dust on it's moist skin.
Tiny Tropical Storm Tree Frog...
And then there is this Cuban Tree Frog that found his way into my house during the storm. This one was a bit difficult to get back outside...
Cuban Tree Frog
Cuban Tree Frog
Cuban Tree Frog

Clouds of Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay passed over Florida today. The storm wasn't much to hunker down for. In the Central Florida area, it seemed to be really nothing more than lots of rain with the occasional gust of wind.

At dusk, the storm clouds turned a great orange color that lasted a few minutes. The orange clouds then turned purple, and then returned back to the normal gray as it got darker and darker. Here are a few photos:
Tropical Storm Fay
Tropical Storm Fay
Tropical Storm Fay

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sanford Water Tower

The water tower on Mellonville Ave in Sanford, FL used to have this great red and white checkerboard paint job. It's since been repainted to a boring solid color...
Water Tower

Friday, August 15, 2008

Space Shuttle Launch from Above...

I came across this very cool video of a Space Shuttle Launch filmed from an airplane. The cameraman is a bit overexcited though...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orlando's Creepy Statues #2

Bank of America
Previously, a creepy statue near Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando was discussed here. It wasn't the only creepy statue in the city though...
Harvey's Bistro Bunny
Harvey's Bistro Bunny
This giant rabbit was located in an atrium outside of the Bank of America Building on Orange Ave. While the previous artwork discussed was creepy, this rabbit looks like he is out of a horror movie. It was a mystery to me why this monster rabbit was in front of a bank until my last visit to Downtown. Much to my dismay, the rabbit was gone. Next to where the rabbit was located is a restaurant called Harvey's Bistro. Check out their logo on the green awning...
Harvey's Bistro
I'm guessing Harvey's Bistro was responsible for installing the monster bunny. I have no idea what happened to the rabbit, but it will be missed. No matter how creepy it was, the rabbit was one of my favorite bits of public art in Downtown Orlando...

Mayfair Fox Squirrel

Fox Squirrel
Fox Squirrels are North America's largest tree dwelling squirrel. The first time I saw one, I questioned if it was really a squirrel and not another type of rodent due to it's large size. This picture was my first sighting of a Fox Squirrel at the Mayfair Golf Course in Sanford, FL. I've since seen several more of these animals, all within the same golf course.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Orlando's Creepy Statues #1

Paramount on Lake Eola
The Paramount is one of Downtown Orlando's newest skyscrapers. It's on Central Blvd, right across the street from Lake Eola. They did something correct in this building by opening up the first big supermarket downtown. Now people living downtown don't actually have to leave downtown in order to go food shopping. The only deterrent may be this creepy statue placed in front of the entrance to the Publix...
Paramount's Scary Statue
Paramount's Scary Statue
She's very random, very creepy, and whoever decided to place this statue here made a good choice...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Insects #1

Fruit Fly...
Fruit Fly
Mole Cricket...
Mole Cricket #3