Sunday, April 6, 2008

Green-Glowing Sky

After an afternoon rainstorm in Florida, on rare occasions the sky turns a greenish-yellow color and everything has a very strange glow for a while, normally until the sun sets. These pictures are from one of these occasions...

After Thunderstorm Sky #2

After Thunderstorm Sky #1

Oak trees against the strange colored sky...
After Thunderstorm Sky #3

After Thunderstorm Sky #4

These is one of the last grapefruits of the season, almost the same color as the sky...
After Thunderstorm Sky #5

After Thunderstorm Sky #6

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Luis said...

Hello Hello,

I'm glad to have finally found a page appreciating the skys of Florida. I'm currently working on a project in regards to the Northern Lights, but would also like to get in more details about our own special sky coloration in Florida...unfortunately I'm unable to find any information on the subject much less on the name of these occurences...perhaps you could help me? Any information would be greatly appreciated...such as how it happens, etc...The only thing I have found is that these events occur due to the Dust Storm in Africa that blow miles away into our skys...Thanks for any help!