Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daytona Beach Cable Cars

I went for a ride on the cable cars at the Daytona Beach Pier. It's an expensive ride for what it is, and it's a bit scary, especially when you look at all of the rusted metal bits on the ride from all of the exposure to the salty air. I enjoyed my ride though:
Photo Opp.
Sky Tower


Alan said...

I didn't know these cable cars still existed. Thanks for the heads up. How much did they cost?

Florida Everyone Forgot said...

If I remember correctly, it was $7 a person. Massive price increase from the last time I rode years ago where it was $2 per person...

deborah said...

OK the term "Cable Car" is a little deceptive, I'm from San Francisco - I know what a REAL cable car is, sorry guys this is just trams... :)

RickNHS said...

That's funny! "It was overpriced..and rusted.." I'm assuming that the cable cars serve some purpose, or at least that they did at some point in time.

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Well that's good news because I have always loved riding cable cars, so maybe I'll try to check that out.