Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheyenne Saloon

As a cross post from my Food Blog, I am posting this here on the Florida Everyone Forgot Blog. Not necessarily for the food, but more for the great building that this restaurant is housed in...

I ate at the newly reopened Cheyenne Saloon on Church Street in Downtown Orlando on July 4th. Back before the Orlando theme parks built their nighttime entertainment complexes (Pleasure Island, Boardwalk, Citywalk, etc), Church Street Station was one of Orlando's most popular attractions. This area was filled with shopping, restaurants, and clubs. There was other types of entertainment here as well, like a Q-ZAR Laser Tag, a haunted house called Terror on Church Street, and a large arcade. At nighttime there would be street performers juggling in the streets, and the area was always packed with people. Slowly, the crowds began to disappear and all of the activity on Church Street began to close. For a while, Church Street was completely dead with almost nothing open in the area that was once bustling with people. Slowly though, it seems to be coming back to life. A skyscraper with a few restaurants called The Plaza has recently opened on the site of the old Bumby Building, where Terror on Church Street once was. Another building called 55 West is almost complete. It looks like this building will have street level shopping as well.

One of the more recent happenings on Church Street was the reopening of the Cheyenne Saloon. This was one of the original clubs on Church Street, and when it reopened with an added restaurant, I had to try it. It is in a wonderful building, and the food was good too.
Cheyenne Saloon
The restaurant is on the second floor of a western themed club, all in a massive building with great stained glass windows, balconies weaving all around the upper floors, and western paraphernalia all around.
Cheyenne Saloon
Cheyenne Saloon
Cheyenne Saloon Stained Glass
Cheyenne Saloon Mermaid

Cheyenne Saloon Balcony

The menu was somewhat small and consisted of all barbecue, but I didn't have a problem with it. I had a pulled pork dinner that was served with a choice of sides. I chose mashed potatoes and collard greens.

Cheyenne Saloon Menu

A basket of biscuits was brought out first. They came with butter and honey as a topping, but they really didn't need anything and tasted fine the way they were.
Cheyenne Saloon Biscuit
My pulled pork came out soon after. The pork itself was good. It wasn't as finely shredded compared to the pulled pork I've gotten elsewhere and was pulled into bite sized chunks instead. It was very tender and was served with barbecue sauce on the side. The mashed potatoes tasted very boring, and definitely needed gravy, or at least some salt. The collard greens were tender and very tasty, compared to the occasions when sometimes collard greens are bitter and stringy instead.
Cheyenne Saloon Pulled Pork
I thought the Cheyenne Saloon had good barbecue, and the building was a nice plus...

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