Sunday, November 23, 2008

Longwood Arts & Crafts Festival 2008

I went to the Longwood Arts & Crafts Festival on November 22, 2008. It was a good time walking around Downtown Longwood, looking at the old houses and what people were trying to sell. Much of it was actual handmade arts/crafts, while a lot was also mass produced junk made in China that people were trying to pass off as their own.

Here's Warren Ave covered with vendors.

This old house was for sale, and so was the VW Bus. I noticed that a whole lot of old historic houses were for sale in Downtown.
Want to buy a VW Bus?

Kettle Corn, pork rinds, fried potatoes, and the historic Bradlee Mcintyre House in the background.
More Food!

The old Longwood Hotel. Now it's offices.
Old Hotel

Someone was selling hypnosis CDs. If I'm reading this sign correctly, it sounds like these CDs can cure your fear of children. I actually listened to these people trying to sell some stop smoking CDs to someone. It's $10 a CD, and you should buy multiple CDs. The CDs will work a whole lot better if you are using a patch or taking pills to help you stop smoking at the same time. Go figure. Hypnosis is great for making someone act like a chicken, but I have issues when someone is trying to say it can cure all of the real problems listed on the sign.
Will cure your fear of Children?

The Inside-Outside House.
Inside Outside House

Historic Church.

I enjoy taking pictures of the food stands at these type of events. The food always seems to be very photogenic, and the artists don't get upset with me taking pictures. I didn't eat any, but these pictures may still end up on my Watch Me Eat Blog.
Crab Cakes With Spring Salad
Crafts Fair Seafood
Chicken, lamb, & onions
Lamb & Onions
Fair Food


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