Monday, November 10, 2008

Spring Hammock Preserve #1

I went for a bike ride through the Spring Hammock Preserve's Environmental Studies Center in Longwood, FL. The first point of interest was the Question Pond.
Question Pond
Question Pond
Question Pond
At one point in time, I remember the Question Pond having a bright coppery blue color. Now it's the same tannic color as the rest of the water in the swamp. I turned off onto one of the smaller trails and did some extreme biking, and then found myself at Soldier's Creek.
Extreme Biking...
The path actually brought me to the creek right by the newest section of the Cross Seminole Trail. The bridge seen here is one of three places that I'm aware of where the trail crosses the Creek.
Cross Seminole Trail over Soliders Creek
Soldiers Creek
There were several small offshoots running into Soldier's Creek, creating these mini canyons.
Soldiers Creek Erosion
I then returned to the main trail and rode as far as I could. I reached this point where the trail got very narrow, with the overflowing Lake Jessup surrounding me on three sides. It was very creepy, hearing nothing except for the occasional splash in the water and distant alligator bellows.
Into the Lake

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