Saturday, December 13, 2008

American Bison in Florida

A few years ago, I came across this herd of American Bison on a farm somewhere northwest of Gainesville, FL. This particular herd was definitely domesticated, and I'm assuming these 'Buffalo' were being raised for meat.
American Bison
American Bison
American Bison
I never knew this, but apparently there are some wild herds of bison living in Paynes Prairie State Park which were introduced from the American Midwest in the 1970s. That's even better than farm animals, but only without the barbed wire fence that might deter a bison from trampling you.
More about the wild bison.

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Woodencoasterfan said...

From what I understand, Bison were native to Florida before they were all killed off. You are right in that there are wild herds in Payne's Prairie and they were introduced from Oklahoma.