Monday, December 15, 2008

Mcdonald's Christmas Parade 2008

I went to see the Christmas Parade in Orlando on December 14, 2008. Formerly, this was the Orlando Christmas Parade, but it seemed a corporate sponsor bought the parade with the official name being the Mcdonald's Christmas Parade. The parade circled around Lake Eola and was nice and long.

It started out with the police.
Police Horses
Police Motorcycles

Then Ronald Mcdonald's float.
Ronald Mcdonald
Ronald Mcdonald

There were several of these antique cars advertising Cabot Cheese. Cheese is tasty, but it doesn't go with antique cars in my opinion.
Cheese Cars

These horses were behind a float carrying a bubble machine. The bubbles seemed to be making the horses very nervous.
Nervous Horses

Johnny Martino from the Godfather movies. He was handing out autographed postcards of himself.

This float was driven all the way to Orlando from a high school in Palm Beach.
Palm beach pirate ship

Palm Beach High School Juggler

A pony pulling a person that seemed to big to be pulled by ponies.

The Geico Gecko...
Geico Gecko

Followed by the Tijuana Flats Iguana.
Tijuana Flats

Apparently people are scared of clowns. There was a group of clowns in the parade, besides from Ronald Mcdonald. This clown in particular actually left the parade route to chase down somebody with coulrophobia across a little park at the intersection of Magnola and Palmetto. It was great.
Scary Clowns

The Orlando Fire Department.
Fire Truck

This is Sir Gus the Kissing Camel. He travels around with the Shriners to events like this. The Shriners stick a carrot in a volunteer's mouth, and Gus reaches down and takes the carrot, thus kissing the volunteer in the process. I was kissed by Sir Gus once in Downtown Longwood.
Sir Gus

And finally, Santa Claus at the end of the parade. Unfortunately, there was no Krampus traveling along with Santa. There should be a few of them in every Christmas parade!
Santa Claus

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